STYLISH wedding projects to highlight the INDIVIDUALITY of each couple

We create stylish wedding projects around the world which highlight the individuality of each couple. Large-scale weddings, weddings for two, weddings by the sea or in the mountains, in the style of Tiffany or rustic style, in Cyprus or in Italy, luxurious or classic weddings – we always create a project which will satisfy all your wishes.

Meeting with the couple

Each wedding begins not with the concept and with the design, but with meeting the couple. We would like to get to know you better, to get to know your habits, how you met and how you envision your ideal wedding. Perhaps you have a passion for the East, or you adore the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” since you were a child, or you dream of going on a trip to Paris. You are our inspiration. Usually, the concept of your wedding is born during our first meeting.

Wedding concept

The concept of your wedding is not chosen by accident. A wedding is, first and foremost, the bride and groom. We create a wedding concept which through its ambience and decor suits you the best. The concept can be born from the bridal dress, from the story of how you met, from your joint hobbies or your favourite movie. The main thing is not only to choose a concept, but to think through every single detail in such a way that your guests will recognise you in every detail of the wedding.

Choosing a location

This process is both engrossing and highly important. Many factors are dependent on choosing the correct location: the design and decor of your wedding, the possibility of separating the area into zones (dinner area, ceremony area, lounge zone, etc.), logistics and transfers for the guests, and others. We will find the ideal location for your wedding in Cyprus, Europe and any other part of the world.

Image of bride & groom

Professional wedding stylists can assist in choosing an image for you based on the stylistics and decor of the wedding. Our stylists will assist you in choosing your bridal dress and the groom’s outfit, recommend the makeup and wedding hairstyle of the bride, advise on the dress code for the guests and bridesmaids.

Decor and floristry

The decor and floristry are the specific elements of a wedding that create the first impression. Our designers think through each element from the photo zone to the floral compositions, each small detail from the invitations to the floral bouquet. A correctly followed style and colour scheme will make your wedding unique. You will be able to see the project of your wedding through sketches and 3D designs. After agreeing on everything with you, we begin to turn everything into reality.

Wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is perhaps the most touching part of your wedding. We always pay great attention to this part of the wedding and discuss each detail with the bride and groom, create by-the-minute timing, write the speeches of the newlyweds, select the music for your entrance.

Wedding mood

What does an ideal wedding consist of? From the smiles and congratulations of close ones? From stylish decor and memorable floristry? From exquisite menus and branded cocktails? Of course, it consists of all the above. But it is also important to remember professional wedding directors, who will not only assist in creating a unique ambience for your wedding, but will turn it into a truly memorable occasion.

Photo and video

We will propose to you the very best wedding photographers and videographers who proved their professionalism through working with us previously, since what could be more important than capturing your memories.